Mobile phones and accessories

Mobile phones and accessories

I’m using Samsung IconX (2018) because they appeared in 2017 At the end. They had some drawbacks that were on my nerves, so I really hoped the next generation would be able to deal with them. Now the Galaxy buds are coming out and the Galaxy S10 is sent in advance, and here I want to say that Samsung has captured a lot but not quite.

The white headphones look amazing – they share the Galaxy S10’s exemplary Prism White color. Although the IconX (2018) file was large, heavy and with a physical open / close button, buds now have magical magnets that open and close. The housing is about 30% smaller and lighter, so it is compact enough.

The retail box contains three types of ear plugs. I specifically say that the types, because they are not sizes, are in three different forms designed to provide excellent access to your external ears. They are easy to lock, so be careful when you apply them, but this should not be a problem if you do not change often (and why you do).

The actual Galaxy buds are much lighter than their predecessors, but some improvements have been made to the axis of some sensors and functions. The personal trainer drove away, and the volume increase / decrease swing gestures are no longer considered to change the ambient sound. If you want to hear what’s going on, you need to keep your finger on the sensor. The same can be used to increase or decrease the sound, guess of course you can’t have both in the same ear pocket.

Samsung has clearly shown that Galaxy buds listen to music all day long. The company introduced a six-hour battery life, and the buds did not become very uncomfortable. And AKG’s adjustable sound is beautiful. Listening to music could be a pleasure.

And here comes the big bet. If you are an audiophile, you should not wait six hours to decide that you do not want to pay $ 130. The boss does not exist. If you’re a hip-hop fan, get ready for the loud curls of Kendrick Lamar that there is no equalizer.

It was always expected that such a small portable computer could not have a huge bass amplifier. You can switch to software improvements, but a good boss requires more volume.

The galaxy buds look fancy and would be a wonderful gift for those who pre-ordered the Galaxy S10. Guess I’m sure you can find a package of Bluetooth headsets that give you better value for your money.

At least the noise cancellation is great, and the Galaxy buds are best used for public transport, so the site can dive into its sound experience and make the bus a little more joyful.

The Nokia 3310 is a nostalgia machine – people remember it as indestructible, although it is not the strongest Nokia phone. Similarly, people look at the game Snake according to their pink glasses. In fact, 3310 m.

We are not saying that snake is not a great game, guess it is far from the only one. Like the really solid Nokia, these games have been forgotten and do not deserve such a fate.

For example, Nokia 3310 also featured area effect horizontal photography. WAP-enabled Nokias even allowed you to download new game chapters (free, that was DLC). This was done with a consistent Nokia club, which also hosted a global scoreboard.

Space effect will see multiple lines, including entries on a failed N-Gage phone. The last sequel was Space Impact: Meteor protect created by Rovio Nokia N97.if you need more info just visit this siteĀ telefonu deklai.